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Stripping Knives 


Wood Handled Stripping Knives

High quality steel blade implanted into solid wood, with a comfort-shaped 4 1/2" handle.



Extra fine stripping knife right handed




Fine stripping knife right handed




Medium stripping knife right handed




Coarse stripping knife right handed



Extra fine stripping knife left handed




Fine stripping knife left handed




Medium stripping knife left handed



Coarse stripping knife left handed



Neoprene Handled Stripping Knives

Easy to grip, non-slip, comfortable

High quality steel blade fused in a lightweight, non-slip neoprene 4 1/2" handle.



Extra fine purple stripping knife right handed




Fine blue stripping knife right handed



Medium red stripping knife right handed



Coarse orange stripping knife right handed


Leather Stripping Knife Roll

Perfect protection for your stripping knives

Our genuine leather stripping knife roll is the perfect protection for your Chris Christensen stripping knives. It clasps securely closed to prevent stripping knives from falling out, and fits 4 pairs of stripping knives inside.

#L103Leather Stripping Knife Roll$15.00

Stripping Knife Sets in Leather Roll

Available for wood stripping knife set and/or Neoprene stripping knife set. Right and Left Handed
Enjoy a complete set of Chris Christensen Systems Stripping Knives in this beautiful leather roll. Set includes one of each knife: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Coarse.
#100WWood Stripping Knife Set - Right Handed$160.00
#100LWood Stripping Knife Set - Left Handed$160.00
#100NNeoprene Stripping Knife Set$160.00


Single and Double-Head Neoprene Detailers

Easy grip, designed for detail work

Lightweight neoprene handle for an easy hold.  Single head and double head for pinpoint accuracy.



Extra fine detailer - Single head - Purple



Fine detailer - Single head - Blue



Medium detailer - Single head - Red



Extra fine detailer - Double head - Purple



Fine detailer - Double head - Blue



Medium detailer - Double head - Red



Michelangelo Sculpting Stones

Pulls hair, won't cut it!

Remove bad coat without damaging skin or good coat.  A sculpting tool for any breed, pulls wild hairs & doesn't cut them.  Eliminate wild hairs and remove flyaway hairs for fine-tuning.  Remove unsightly soft hair build up on ears or in ears without injuring the skin.   Short coated breeds; virtually rub off unwanted coat.  Terriers; rolling coats, detail work, grabs fine hairs without breaking.  No  more cutting or breaking coat.  Made of pure sandstone.



Sculpting stones set of 3







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Shetland Sheepdog: Ch. Redfield Intrique "Brit". Mary Mahaffey and Jean Adair. Photography by Mary Mahaffey; Pomeranian: Ch. Haneys Weewyn Reason to Believe "Toby". Wendy Lane, Haney's Pomeranians; Maine Coons: Dazzle and Reggie. Pat Idleman, Idlemaine Maine Coons. Photography by Larry Johnson; Giant Schnauzer: Ch. El Lobo Guillermo Max. Terry and Alma Frazier Lakeside Giants. Photography by Alma Frazier; Shih Tzu: Tian Mi's Bomanicious "Boomer". Leslie LaFave, Tian Mi Shih Tzu. Photography by Leslie LaFave; Black Russian Terrior: Lance's Angel Vladamir. Tina Crowe and Lance Eldredge. Photography by Tina Crowe; Norwich Terrier: GCH Ch. Shorttales The Secret of The Mansion of K-Town "Macie". Paula Smiddy and Tamsin Sandin, K-Town Norwich Terriers. Photography by Kenneth Reed Photography; Rough Collie: To be Announced; Afghan Hound: GCH Stormhill's Sweet Dreams of Raffica. Garrett & Sue Games, Sandra Frei, Terri Vanderzee. Photography by Maritime City Photography; Persian: (CFA) Kozy It Is What It Is! Cyndi Lewis, Calcat Persians. Photography by Chanon; American Staffordshire Terrier: Shady Ln's ScarletTeenAhh "Gina". Linda Fitzgarald, Shade lane AmStaff's. Photography by Laurie Shoemaker; Alaskan Malamute: Thunderkloud's Secret Agent. Pat & McGovern, Thunderkloud. Photography by Vicki DeGruy.