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Since 1996, we have continually worked to develop quality tools, many of which were requested by you, the customer.  Rigorous product testing to perfection has allowed us to create the top-of-the-line products you have come to rely on to accomplish your goals. 


Our promise is to deliver impeccable customer service, knowledgable staff, and superior products and tools.


Our promise is that these products and tools live up to our high standards and yours.


Our promise is to constantly provide an ever-expanding line with innovative solutions to your needs.


The bottom line is that we do what we say we will do.  Our ultimate goal is to create an experience that will make you say "WOW."  As we continue to grow and expand, our commitment to that WOW will remain constant and will be our ever-present mission.


Lisa and Chris Christensen  


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Peace & Kindness Shampoo


Black and Coral Kool Dryers

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Grooming Accessories



Genuine Leather Chris Christensen Signature Shear Roll

Our genuine leather shear roll is the perfect protection for your Chris Christensen shears. It clasps securely closed to prevent shears from falling out, and fits 14 pairs of shears inside. It also has an accessory pocket on the outside that may be used for additional tools or shears.


Leather Shear Roll $40.00



Exquisite Mist Sprayer

Fine Mist Sprayer


A new favorite of the beauty industry, Super Mist Sprayer is now available from Chris Christensen  Systems! This sprayer has a continuous spray - one pump equals multiple pumps of a regular spray bottle- this will save you time and is easier on your hands! Aesthetically designed, it offers a super fine mist perfect to use with Precious Drop Keratin Spray, Ice on Ice and more!



Fine Mist Spray Bottle




The Amazing Stand 'n Groom!

The Stand and Groom makes grooming
your pet a breeze. Have an unruly dog that won’t stay on a grooming table no matter what? Put them on a Stand and Groom, and they will be much more manageable! The Stand and Groom comfortably keeps your dog from moving around the table, allows you to clip your dog’s toenails with ease, comes in four different sizes, and is made with real leather! Order your Stand and Groom today, and make grooming fun again!



#G500Stand 'n Groom Mini (5½")*$55.00
#G501Stand 'n Groom Small (7")*$60.00
#G503Stand 'n Groom Medium (8½")*$65.00
#G505Stand 'n Groom Large (10")*$70.00

 *measurements taken from base to center



Double Action Trigger Sprayer!

8 oz. Small Double Action Trigger Sprayer

It fits perfectly inside a Tack Box!


This time-saving staple of the pros is now available from Chris Christensen. Sprays as you pull the trigger and again as you release, allowing half the effort of normal sprayers. Our heavy duty spray bottles are available in 1/2 liter...high quality at low price!


#SP048 oz. Small Double Action Trigger Sprayer  


#SP05Double Action Trigger Sprayer$10.00




Chris Christensen Leather Brush Protectors

Protect Your Investment!

Provide protection for your Chris Christensen brush with an authentic brush cover. The black leather cover with brown stitching is durable, efficient, and secured with a Velcro strap to extend the life of your Chris Christensen brush. The covers accommodate all Original, Gold, and Fusion Series.



*brush not included


20mm Large Oval


20mm Small Oval


27mm Large Oval


27mm Small Oval

#A0520mm Oblong$10.00
#A0627mm Oblong$10.00



Chris Christensen Applicator Measuring Bottle

CC Logo Applicator Bottle with Measuring Marks
The Chris Christensen Logo 16 oz. Applicator Bottle with measuring marks is perfect for mixing and applying Chris Christensen liquid products!


Applicator Bottle 16 oz.$2.00



Leather Stripping Knife Roll

Perfect protection for your stripping knives
Our genuine leather stripping knife roll is the perfect protection for your Chris Christensen stripping knives. It clasps securely closed to prevent stripping knives from falling out, and fits 4 pairs of stripping knives inside.
#L103Leather Stripping Knife Roll


Ring Side Tote Bag

Products Sold Separately

The Chris Christensen Ring Side Tote makes grooming On The Go easy!  Numerous compartments hold ALL of your favorite grooming products.


#T100Purple Tote Bag$40.00


NEW! Tote Bags!

Large Grooming Tote Bag and Small Caddy Tote Bag



Small Caddy Tote Bag

New! Our new Small Caddy Tote Bag by Chris Christensen is just the right size to carry your favorite touch-up grooming tools. Made with large front pockets to hold full size finishing products, two side pocket to fit brushes and combs, and a deep-set middle pocket for other items. The perfect ring side companion!


Large Grooming Tote Bag

New! The new Large Grooming Tote Bag by Chris Christensen,
the perfect carry-all for your favorite grooming tools on the go! Its roomy inner pocket surrounded by multiple outer pockets of all shapes and sizes,
gives you all the storage you need to organize the myriad of tools you need to groom your breed!


Small Caddy Tote Bag   


Large Grooming Tote Bag



Kool Bag - Holds all your Kool Gear

Products Sold Separately


The KOOL BAG is the perfect accessory to hold all your pet gear.  Strong durable material and lots of pockets.


The KOOL DRY DRYER or the KOOL PUP DRYER, including the hose and attachments will fit perfectly in this bag, and still have room for more gear.


The Kool Bag is available in

4 Great Colors!


#KDBAGB Blue $40.00
#KDBAGPK Pink $40.00
#KDBAGP Purple $40.00
#KDBAGY Yellow $40.00



Chris Christensen Signature Grooming Aprons



Chris Christensen Shampoo Aprons

Lightweight, water repellant, hair resistant, and perfect for bathing and


#312Shampoo Apron: Red$18.00
#313Shampoo Apron: Blue$18.00


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