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Hair is the crowning glory of any dog.  It is the desire of every person to have a dog with lustrous, healthy, hydrated hair.  In order to get a beautiful looking coat, it is very important to take care of the hair in a proper manner.  Moisturizing and hydrating the coat is very important to augment the beauty and the look of the coat.  Chris Christensen Systems offers a multitude of hydrating products, from leave-in conditioners, noted on this page, to intensive treatments and rinse out conditioners.  In many cases a multitude of products are needed to accomplish the desired healthy coat.



Leave-In Conditioners

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Ice On Ice Detangler

Conditioning, finishing spray, stain repellent with sunscreen

Leave-in conditioning finishing spray & detangler with sunscreen.  Repels dirt, dust, urine and pollutants that damage and break coat.  Water soluble, can be added to final rinse.  Adds elasticity and strength to the coat when brushing.


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16 oz. Ready To Use$15.00


16 oz. Concentrate (16:1 makes 2 gallons$42.00

CoatLink Coat Dressing

Moisturize and add sheen, all in one application


Developed especially for re-hydration.  CoatLink is a humectant that replenishes coats with 4x more moisturizers.  Easy-to-use foam formula for lightness and style ability creates long-lasting volume and manageability.  infused with a complex of triple natural lanolin to moisturize, strengthen and repair fine, limp coats, leaving them thicker and healthier looking.



This aerosol product can only be shipped via ground service, and
cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or anywhere outside the continental
United States.


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10 oz.aerosol$15.00

Silk Spirits 

Liquid Silk Protein

Transform damaged skin and coats with Silk Spirits moisturizing liquid silk protein to achieve a silky smooth texture, lively volume and a shimmering shine!  Eliminates static fly away coat and frizz caused from dry climates.


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4 oz.



8 oz.



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